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Microlight Inflight Movies are Better!

microlight_experienceAir Escape CEO and CFI, Peter Wilson, is in China on a microlight training mission. He reports in comments that he flew over… “on an Airbus A330 and we made the journey in an hour less time expected for the flight! … It’s a weird feeling knowing you’re at the mercy of a bloody computer. The plane was absolutely chock a block full, but at least Cathay Pacific have cool new 16:9 latest high def. videos to watch…”

Flying ultralights and microlights, of course, the computer you rely on is called your brain, which never experiences boredom when you’re flying! The in-flight movies in a microlight, in contrast even to Cathay Pacific’s you-beaut 16:9 HD, are big-screen 360° ultra-High-Def 4-D with physical effects and Sensurround.

Peter will return soon to conduct the Cross Country training course in Tumut before jetting out again for another professional engagement in Dubai.